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Top 14 Purse Essentials for Prom Night

Scarlet Fresh Shoe Occasions Prom Top

Ok, so one of the most important events in your life so far is almost here – A dashing date (check), a ravishing dress (check), beautiful shoes (check), matching exotic jewelry (check). Wait – you are not done yet! Have you considered taking the following items to dance your night away? Get your Prom Rescue Essentials kit today!                       

Prom Ready Essential kit

1. Shoe Cushion Insoles:

Do you want to be the only one not dancing because your shoes hurt your feet? Cushioning your uncomfortable, yet lovely shoes will allow you to enjoy the dance and the night much longer. Free your feet from this pain!

                                                   Prom Ready Essential kit :Scarlet Ball To Heel Cushions or Forefoot & Heel cushions - provide cushion & comfort while dancing in your new high heels

      2. Tissue:

      Wipe off the sweat or freshen your face after the intense dancing

                                 Prom Ready Essential kit :Kleenex facial tissue for sweat or face clean up

      3. Band-aid:

      With so much adrenaline flowing and not to mention the deadly high   heels around, a simple step on your foot or blisters from new shoes can really make you miss a bandage.

                                               Prom Ready Essential kit :Bandage - blister from new shoes or for a bruise

      4. Medicine:

      Accept it! It’s been hectic preparing for this much awaited night of the year. To avoid any interruptions in your fun night, a pain reliever (headache, stomachache) or an acid reflex may come in really handy.

                                      Prom Ready Essential kit :Medicine - Advil for pain reliever (stomach or headache) & Antacid for reflux or digestion issues

        5. Double-sided Fashion Tape:

        An excellent tool to keep your tube top or strapless dress right in place – even when you get naughty with your moves on the dance floor

                                                 Prom Ready Essential kit :Double sided fashion tape - keep your strapless or tube dress intact even when on dance floor

          6. Hairband, Bobby Pin, & Safety Pin:

          An unexpected tear in dress? Did the dancing cause your beautifully done hair to disrupt?

                                                   Prom Ready Essential kit :Bobby pins, safety pins and rubber band to tie hair and instant repair dress at prom

            7. Tampon:

            Certainly don’t want to take a chance here!

                                                  Prom Ready Essential kit :Tampon - for those unexpected periods!

              8. Dental Floss:

              Who likes to watch smiling people with food flashing on their teeth? A quick floss can help you quickly get back in the game.

                                                         Prom Ready Essential kit : Dental floss - instant floss to remove the annonying food from teeth at prom

                9. Emery Board:

                Keep up with your rebelling manicure

                                                               Prom Ready Essential kit : Emery board to touch up your misbehaving manicure

                  10. Lipstick/Lip Gloss:

                  Match up or contrast with your dress color to freshen up your look

                                                               Prom Ready Essential kit : Lipstick /LipGloss matching or contrast to your dress and skintone

                    11. Breathe Mints:

                    Prom is all about having a great time laughing and talking with your besties. You don’t want to be embarrassed or make others uncomfortable with your bad breath so up close. Pick the one you love.

                                                                         Prom Ready Essential kit : Listerine breath mints to freshen up your breath

                      12. Cell phone w/ Money:

                      Don’t forget to click and capture the moments for lifelong memories. Plus, you just wanna be a phone call away from your friends until they find you😊 A $20 USD bill might do the trick. Always have some money handy – emergency wont knock the door before coming.

                                                                Prom ready essentials kit - phone camera for pictures, phone for staying connected and dollars saved in phone case for emergency

                        13. A Pretty Shimmery Pouch to carry the Prom essentials items in style.

                                                               Prom ready Essentials Kit - Shimmery pouch to carry the essentials in style       

                                                                  Prom ready Essentials kit - separate your chic fashion essentials and first aid items in decorative sub pouches to store within your shimmery stylish Prom pouch

                          14. Your Happy Self:

                          Just remember, even if everything goes south – you and only you can make this night a memorable experience for you. So, bring in your best and just enjoy!

                                                          Prom Ready Essential Kit - Bring your happy self and have a blast at your prom

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