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General Questions

What if Scarlet does not offer the heel tip size that I need?

Please email at with the desired size of your heel tip.  Refer the Scarlet sizing guide to understand the width and length dimensions of a heel tip and use a scale to measure it. Propose the required size in width * length dimension. E.g., if required width is 9 mm and length is 11 mm then your proposed size should be 9*11 mm.

Scarlet Heel Tips

Why do I get three same size heel tips in my order?

Every heel tip has a metal pin attached with it that is inserted into the hole of the shoe heel. From the outside of your shoe heel, there is no way to figure out which size of metal pin will fit in. There are three most common sizes of metal pin in any shoe – 2.5 mm (Small), 2.9 mm (Medium) and 3.04 mm (Large) and one of them will fit the heel hole of your shoe. If you received heel tips with only one size of metal pin, there is only a 33% chance that it will fit your shoe heel properly. We therefore provide you 3 pairs of heel tips, each with a different size of metal pin.

When to change?

You can change your heel tips at any time

  • On brand new shoes: if you are disturbed with the clacking sound of high heel
  • On your favorite pairs of shoes: before or right when the metal pin on heel tip gets exposed. If you continue to use the shoe while the metal pin is exposed, you may not be able to change heel tips at home anymore. The exposed metal pin may get rusted and it would be harder to remove it from the heel.

How to change?

Changing heel tips at home (Do-It-Yourself), can be very easy with the following steps

  •  Change heel tips before or right when the metal pin gets exposed on the heel tips
  • Follow the simple 4 step process - Grab the heel tip, Rotate heel tip left and right in horizontal movements, Remove the old heel tip and Insert the new heel tip. Learn more by watching Recipe 422 (watch the video)

Why specific tools?

Two simple tools are needed: a long needle nose plier and a hammer.

  • After trying over 30 brands and styles of pliers, we selected a 6 inch long needle nose plier because we found that it's gripping surface and its pointed tip are most suitable to grip your tiny heel during the process. And for the hammer, we have selected a small and lightweight hammer that can do the job really well on a small heel tip surface.
  • Using the right style of tools is critical to minimize heel damage and ensure the success of a heel tip replacement process.

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Why 2 pairs of Scarlet Heel Tips

Depending on the shoe

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Shoe Silencer Kit

Scarlet silencer kit