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Top 4 Ways to Protect & Preserve High Heels

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You took the bold step of buying those expensive or tall pair of pumps that you had always dreamt of. Apart from dreaming about all the places you will wear those lovely shoes to, you may be wondering “How do I protect & preserve my Stilettos forever?”           

                Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Stilettos

1.  How do I protect my stilettos forever?

PROBLEM: In a survey that was conducted with hundreds of women in 2016, we learnt that 61% women have discarded at least one pair of their heels because of two major issues: worn out soles and worn out heels.

RECOMMENDATION: Preventive care is the answer. The heels must be buffed after use to ensure they don't sit in the closet with dirt & dust on them. Another key step is to Shield those soles with a protective layer to prevent any damage to them. You may also use camouflaged or bold Heel Protectors (depending on your preference) so that your heel tips will not be damaged.

                Preserve the stilettos: Protect the shoe sole - Scarlet Sole Shielder          Protect the stilettos: Prevent the heels from wearing out - Scarlet Heel Tip LITE


2. How do I preserve my shoes to prolong their usable life?

PROBLEM: Shoes may chip or crack while in use. Also, specifically in leather shoes they crack because of dryness.

RECOMMENDATION: For those expensive pair of shoes, it might be worth fixing the chips & cracks sooner than later. Wearing damaged shoes can further the damage and shorten the life of your favorite pumps. Ever conditioned your leather pumps or boots? Conditioning the leather shoes will add the needed moisture & remove dryness that causes the cracks. Remember to clean the shoes before any conditioning or repair is performed.

                                                      Preserve high heels - Condition leather shoes to add the moisture needed to prevent the cracks in leather


3. How do I eliminate the stinky smell in my shoes?

PROBLEM: Sometimes sweaty feet causes your heels to stink due to the added moisture which causes dirt to accumulate and damages the shoe.

RECOMMENDATION: Use Shoe Deodorizer to eliminate the odor and to absorb the moisture.

Scarlet Shoe Deodorizer bags - how to deodorize smelly shoes and fix stinky shoes

4. How do I store my shoes to prolong their usable life?

PROBLEM: A common problem noticed with shoes or heels is they look chaffed and the leather can sometimes tear away while the shoes are sitting in the closet. The dirt accumulated on shoes and the varying weather conditions may increase the moisture thus destroying the shoes.

RECOMMENDATION: It’s important to keep your shoes clean and preserved at any point in time. After every wear, make sure to clean up the dirt from the shoes and store them in a temperature controlled environment such as in breathable shoe bags or boxes.Shoe Storage breathable bags to prevent shoe from dust, dirt damage

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