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Top 6 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Heels

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There is a famous quote that reads, “High Heels empower women in a way”.  I, along with several other women believe that “Comfortable heels empower women”.

        Mistakes to avoid when buying high heels

Heels do not have to be very high to be fashionable. It’s the comfort that gives you confidence and empowerment. So, “Which mistakes do you avoid when buying heels?”

1. Purchasing Incorrect Shoe Size

With any kind of shoe purchase - Heels or Flats, the key problem is sizing. First & foremost know your size in the relevant conversion size chart - USA, UK & EU. Know that even though there is a standard chart size, there is really no standard shoe size because everyone's feet are totally different. So, further diligence will be necessary.        

        Mistakes to avoid when purchasing shoes - Purchasing Incorrect shoe size

If shopping at a physical store, wear your shoes and walk in them to ensure fit and comfort. When shopping online, do read reviews to understand the expected shoe fit. You may also refer to the product listing for any extra information regarding the shoe width. Most good sellers will add information regarding the shoe fit- standard, narrow or wide shoes  and for boots, additional measurements such as calf width to assist you in deciding if they are your perfect fit.

In the event that the shoe you bought is a little too tight either in width or length, shoe stretchers are the ideal tools for stretching the shoes to your size.

                        High Heel Shoe Stretcher - tool to make shoes less painful and of appropriate fit

2. Not Knowing The Shape Of Your Foot

Although it might sound strange and not related to aesthetics, it is a known fact that not every same size shoe perfectly fits the same size foot, and this is a common concept especially with heels. 

         Not Knowing the shape of your foot: lead to purchasing uncomfortable shoes

A simple wet test can be performed to determine if your feet are flat, normal or have high arch. If your feet are flat, you will need wider shoes and if they have high arches, you will need heels that touch/support your foot arch. To learn how to identify the actual shape of your foot, watch the you tube video. If your feet do fall in the flat or high arch category, you can consider making your heels more comfortable by choosing appropriate cushions

3. Not thinking about comfort

When you look at those cute pair of pumps on the store display, it is natural to drool over and already visualize them on your feet. But what’s the point if those heels are too high to manage or just not comfortable enough. The higher the heels, the more painful or uncomfortable they could be.

          Need for shoes to be comfortable - Open to choosing wedge, platform or low heigh heels

Fashion is not just about high heels, if you are comfortable with smaller heels – choose them! At the end of it, style and comfort go hand in hand. If you are new to wearing heels or are not comfortable with high Stilettos, choose Platform, Wedge or low height heels.

4. Not Evaluating the Return Policy while buying online

It is wise to check out the return policy of your shoes if buying online especially. Also, try out your shoes inside your home without removing the tags & labels. That will ensure that you have an opportunity to try out the shoes and the quality and ensure a perfect fit before using them.

5. Not confirming the shoe Material or Color shade prior to buying

Ensure the material you choose online is what you wanted, sometimes what the product picture shows may not be exactly what you wanted, so ensure you confirm the material type before purchase. 

                     Common mistake to avoid when buying shoes online - Shoe Material & Color Shades confirmed
The shoe pictures may or may not reflect the actual shade of the shoe color. Keep an eye on the product listing that may have the exact shade/color mentioned.

6. Not Estimating the Shoe Pitch

Heels are the hardest thing to buy online and it’s more difficult to know if they'll be comfortable in real life. Heel height is not the only indicator of comfort. It is important to check for the pitch of the shoe as well. 
Shoe Pitch is defined as the incline of the heel. If the distance between the sole of the shoe and the heel is less, the shoe pitch is considered high. The higher the pitch, the more uncomfortable your shoes will be since your weight will shift to your toes. It is preferred that there is more distance between the shoe sole and the heel i.e. to have lower pitch. The lower pitch means the shoe heel is less steep and your toes will not move forward with every step.

With these simple tips & tricks, the time spent to purchase your favorite pairs of pumps will be worth it. You will be able to keep those lovely pairs of shoes with you more often than not. Happy Shoe Shopping!


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