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Free Shipping Over $30 USD.

About us

Growing up in a family with four girls, bonding over styles and shoes was always a thing. One day, two of us were making trips to the spine care centers to cure back pain. Upon researching the issue further, we learnt that High Heels were a major contributor to back problems.

  • 75% women wear high heels at some point of time,
  • 60% women replace their shoes instead of repairing them resulting in a large carbon foot print
  • 90% experience some kind of pain or discomfort due to heels

Based on these learnings, it was evident that the industry needed a robust intervention that would offer better quality products, value to customers and an exceptional customer service.
Also, none of us were willing to part away with our High Heels. Our love for heels outweighed its limitations. And finally, we asked an obvious question.

How can we choose comfort and style together?  

What started as a personal problem, resulted in a serious business – ScarletFreshShoe. 
SCARLET is all about empowering women to take charge and emphasizes on prevention above cure. We offer end to end affordable and convenient Instant shoe repair and foot pain relief solutions to increase shoe life & make shoe wearing experience pain-free and comfortable.