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How To Wear Heels Without Pain

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We, as women, love our heels. But the decision to wear them takes some courage. For those with courage, wearing High Heels without pain is yet another hurdle to cross. Asking yourself a simple question, “What is the secret to wearing heels without pain?” may save you a lot of discomfort & disappointment with your heels.

           How To Wear High Heels Without Pain

Learn how to dazzle in your fashionable heels just like many models do.

1. Buy the Correct Size Shoe

One’s shoe size (foot) could change over the course of life, especially during & after pregnancy or just with age. It’s important to ensure that your shoe size is current. Ill-fitted shoes come with their set of problems; Tight fit can cause discomfort & loose fit can cause blisters due to constant rubbing at the back of heel.
Use a  shoe stretcher to loosen tight fit shoes and comfortable cushions to fill up the space on those loose fitted heels.

2. Know The Shape of Your Feet

It will help to know the shape of your feet – wide, narrow or normal. One’s foot type plays a critical role in determining how easily & comfortably you would slide into those heels. A simple way is to do the Wet Foot Test at home. Simply wet your foot and step on a construction paper to determine if you have flat, normal or high arches on feet. E.g., Flat foot is wider and its better to buy heels that are of wide design. High arch feet may require comforting cushions as support on shoes.

3. Diversify Your Shoe Closet

Variety is the spice of life! Its applicable to your shoe closet as well. Consider diversifying your shoes to tall vs. short heels & block heels vs. thin Stilettos. Open Toe Heels are better than close toe since they provide more wiggle room for it. Block Heels or Wedge Heels provide more support and prevent wobbling while walking.

Also, high heels with more coverage on top are more comfortable.  For instance, regular peep toe pumps or thicker strapped sandals are more comfortable than thin strapped sandal heels.

Wear short heels daily and reserve those sleek Stilettos for occasional wear, especially the beginners.

4. Break In Your New Heels

Majority of the new shoes available in the market will cause blisters to your feet if worn for longer duration. Anyone wondering, how do you comfortably break in your new heels without causing blisters to your feet? Don’t anymore. Consider using Blister Blocker on your shoes. Remember to ensure that the blister blocker you purchase does have a solid gluing capability else it won’t last long.

5. Buy Shoe Inserts & Heel Protectors - Real Leg Savers

It’s a common knowledge that women have a love-hate relationship with their heels due to them being so uncomfortable and painful. You can transform your relationship with your heels to a purely love-love state.

Wear comforting Cushions to drive away the pain while you enjoy those heels all day long.
Shoe cushions can help with absorbing shock while walking and provide the comfort you need. Just slide these on your heels to provide an all-day comfort in those lovely yet dreadful pair of heels.

You can also use Heel Protectors to prevent the wear on your heels. Wearing worn out heels can cause imbalance in your walk resulting in a foot sprain or just a fall. With the Heel protectors, make your look as effortless as possible in heels.

6. Give Your Feet A Break

Strutting in high heels all day long can be a bit of work. Like us, our feet deserve a bit of break too. When you are sitting with heels, remove them for a bit and consider stretching your ankles and feet. The ideal stretches would target the front of your feet and your ankle. You can also consider carrying an extra pair of flat comfortable shoes that you wear to & fro from work while wear heels at work.

7. Do It Like A Model 

Finally, no matter what type of heel you choose, wear it like a model! With Confidence! Combine comfort with fashion!  Own the world with your shoes because you can!

                      How To Wear High Heels Without Killing your feet

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