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Top 5 Gorgeous Gowns Seen At Cannes Festival

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Oolala! Enjoy a beautiful treat for your sore eyes. The most beautiful styles of dresses worn at Cannes red carpet.

                      Cannes Red Carpet entrance

1)  The Adorable Mermaid Gown

Adorable mermaid style - white offshoulder short train gown            Mermaid style Cannes 2017 - Green short train gown with lace & net

2) The Adventurous Thigh High Slit Gown

Cannes - Adventurous blue high slit gown offshoulder flowy

3) The Disney Princess Gown

Cannes 2017 - Red Spanish gown, lovely disney princess

Cannes Festival - blue ball gown disney princess

4) The Long/Short Train Statement Gown

Cannes 2017 - lovely train gowns making statements

Long train statement maker - Cannes Festival

5) The Flowy Fashionista Gown

Cannes Festival 2017 - red fiery casual comfortable gown   Cannes 2017 - white tube gown casual flowy and comfortable

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