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Best Swimsuits For Different Body Types

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The hot weather is at its peak and so is the time to enjoy the beach and the pool in bathing suits and bikini. The fashionistas are on the lookout for the perfect swimwear of the season. With a million bathing suit options available in the market, have you ever wondered “What’s the best swimsuit for your body type?”

              Venus Swimwear - Bikini for hot weather at the pool

Many women are conscious of wearing swimsuits because they either don’t fit or look appropriate. Believe it or not, it’s not about being skinny but it’s about finding the right type of swimwear to enjoy this summer.

Swimming suits for women are enormously popular and are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles to suit women with different body shapes. Let’s explore common body types and look at tips/tricks to choose the right swim wear this summer.

1.  Banana Shaped Body Type (Athletic )

Banana shaped has a straight torso with shoulders that align with the torso. Don't have many curves on  your body.

Do: Choose a top with cups and padding, and always pick bright colors bikini swimsuit. Bright colors can actually be more flattering and help hide what you don't like.

Don’t: Select boy-cut briefs or shapeless full-pieces, as this will only enhance your athletic figure.

                   Banana shaped body type: bright color bikini bathing suits                                           

         Athletic body type - bikini colorful swimwear    

2. Apple Shaped Body Type

Apple shaped bodies have a fuller, rounder torso with a minimal waistline. Weight is above the hips, which are narrow. Back, ribs and shoulders are broad. You carry more weight above waist.

Do: An asymmetrical neckline, which will draw the eye up and away. You can also choose swimsuit with some rouching (pleats) which will hide any unwanted curves. Wear high cut bottoms for slimmer look.

Don’t: Wear swimsuits that are too tight fitted, rough textured, boxy  and tight skirts. Chose bandeaus as they don't provide enough top support.

                     Apple shaped body type - halter bikini bathing suits            Apple shaped body - cover the waist fat - bathing suits                 

3. Pear Shaped Body Type (Bootylicious)

Pear shaped bodies have ample and obvious backside, fully out grown with curvy hips. You carry more weight below waist.

Do: High-waisted bottoms that come in dark colors should be able to do the trick. Plus, they give you the illusion of length. Not a huge fan of plain colors? You can totally pull off printed bottoms, too! Just make sure the patterns aren't too big.

Don’t: Wear string bikinis and high-cut swimsuits which can be uncomfortable and a bit too revealing.

                     Serena williams pear shaped body type - bootylicious bikini and high cut swimsuits

     Pear shaped body - One piece swimwear            Bootylicious - broader bottom - one piece bathing suits

4. Strawberry Shaped Body Type (Large Busts)

The upper body is proportionally larger, with broad shoulders, and ample bust and a wide back.

Do: Bathing suits with cups and underwire that will give you plenty of support. And also swim suit with thicker straps, halters or corset tops will supply more support.

Don’t: Stay away from strapless or bandeau swimsuit as they do not provide any support for larger bosom.

Strawberry shaped body type - swim wear that supports the busts     large busts body type - bikini top supporting the bosoms

5. Hour-Glass Shaped Body Type

Well balanced Buttocks and bust lines, and also the waist is beautifully defined. Slightly rounded shoulders that align perfectly with your shapely buttocks.

Do: Get a one-piece with cutouts to further emphasize your curvy shape, or a playful retro-style two-piece.

Don’t: Avoid stripes, thongs and detailing at the bust and hips.

    Hourglass body type - cut out one piece and sexy bikini      Hourglass shape - playful bikini

Just by skimming through the tips above, you will be able to look confident and feel beautiful in your carefully chosen summer wear. Summer is not the time to sweat about having the perfect body but is about enjoying the perfect time with your friends and family.

After all, shopping for a women's swimwear doesn't have to be daunting anymore. It is possible to stay fashionable regardless of your body shape. 

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