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How To Walk In Heels

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Christian Louboutin said “High Heels are Pleasure with Pain.” While that can be true many times, here are some quick tips to carry yourself gracefully in the most uncomfortable pair of heels. Rock your heels like a model and find out “how to walk in high heels”.
              Red high heels - Learn How to Walk in Heels
Ask a woman to list the greatest inventions in the world and she is sure to pick “Heels” as one of them.

1) Put your Heels on the ground first

Walking in heels is quite different from walking in flats. When wearing high heel shoes, make sure to touch your heels on the ground first. If you try to put your toes first, your run the risk of creating imbalance on foot and your walk may look & feel unnatural and awkward.

                            Put Heels on Ground first - Why do women wear high heels?


2) Take Baby Steps

Especially if you are a newbie or you are wearing super high heels, taking baby steps will give you the comfort and confidence you need while walking in shoes.  Remember – looking graceful is much better than falling flat on your face!

                         Black high heels - shoes, pumps. Take baby steps in heels


3) Avoid Smooth Shoe Soles

Have you ever tripped (almost) while walking in heels that you trust the most. The most comfortable and reliable heels do wear out at the outer sole. Add traction to your smooth shoe sole or prevent the brand new shoe sole from wearing out by using Sole Shielders

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4) Guard Your Stilettos with Heel Protectors

Heel caps are the first to wear out on your heels. Cracked or worn out Heel tips cause tripping hazards and can cause sprain.  Heel Protectors can prevent or help manage the worn-out heel caps on your favorite everyday heels. 

                    Scarlet Heel Protector: Heel caps that prevent shoe damage on the road & at the park. Reusable, Discreet, Instant & Easy Fix for worn out or brand new Heel Tips

5) Watch your Posture & Feet Arch

Walk straight up. Slouching forward can happen naturally in high heels because your weight shifts forward due to heels. This can cause back or knee pain. Walk up straight with shoulders in line with your back. This will also help you look taller and confident.
Also, consider arching your feet slightly.  This will help to put a bit of pressure on the inside of the shoe, giving you more balance. 

                            Black high heels - Straight posture and arch on feet

6) Practice - Practice - Practice

Practice makes a person perfect! This isn’t just a saying – it works! The trick is in not giving up and you will succeed in carrying yourself confidently and effortlessly in the most uncomfortable looking pair of heels. 

              Men wearing red high heels - Practice! How to walk in high heels

Walking in heels might seem daunting at first, but with practice and the right guidance, you should become a pro in no time.

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