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How To Style In Hot Weather

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Summer season is all about vacations and trips to the beach. When the temperatures soar, the obvious question becomes, “How to stay fashionable in summer?” With quick tips on clothes & accessories, it is indeed possible to keep fashion and comfort combined in the sweaty hot weather.                                  

How to Style in Hot weather - Dress cool in summer

The first and foremost, it is important to wear the right cloth material. It’s a great time to stock on dresses that come in breathable fabric and avoid polyester and silk materials. Silk may actually be smooth to touch, but it repels water, thereby creating a rippling effect on the material & retaining the body odor.

Secondly, prefer lighter shades for your clothes since darker shades absorb more heat. Also, it is indeed the time to trade in those pants with the cute flowy dresses. 

Now, let’s checkout the different dress types and the accessories that would make you stay cool, look hot and classy through the unbearable hot months.

1. The Sun Dress

The Sun Dress - Dress cool in warm weather

Perfectly designed for the hot weather, the Sun dress is pretty and casual and is made of cotton or other lightweight and breathable fabrics.  The simple and striped nature of this dress is what makes it chic and unforgettable. Very easy to wear for errands and to the park in the summer. Want comfort without sacrificing your style? It is one of the must haves in your summer closet.

2. The Velka Dress

Velka Dress - Perfect for summer parties; hot weather dressing

Perfect for summer parties, this mini sleeveless semi-formal dress allows for appropriate ventilation and gives maximum comfort and flexibility. They come in different shades and colors. Match this dress with a nice pair of summer wedges, you’re up and ready to go. As the summer approaches and you have a chic party to go to, think about the Velka dress!

3. Open Toe Heels or Wedges

       Wedge heels - shoes for hot weather          Open Toe pumps - apt for hot weather

Allowing you to pump up your styles, the Open Toe Pumps or Wedge heels look gorgeous and allow ventilation. Thinking of the shoes that give both comfort and class? The Open Toe Pumps or Wedge heels have got you covered! You can also use comfort enhancing accessories such as cushions to be able to wear them all day long on that lovely sunny day.

4. The Sun Hat 

The Sun hat - UV protection hat with a fully lined crown, moisture wicking internal sweatband and crushable construction; made of straw or breathable fabrics

The sun hat is usually made of straw and other breathable fabrics. These fluffy hats are meant for women who want a mix of beauty and comfort during hot weather conditions They are comfortable and dependable UV protection hat with a fully lined crown, moisture wicking internal sweatband and crushable construction.

Hot weather styling and accessories - Sun hat, glasses

Going for a weekend vacation? Flatter yourself with any combination of a sun hat, a pair of Chandelier earrings, a pair of glasses, breathable fabric dresses and Open Toe Pumps or Wedges. Your new style will make you fall in love with summer all over again!

 PC: Pixabay, Wikimedia, sevenholesale, pexels

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