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sarika tyagi

Detailed Description

SCARLET’s Sole Shielders are discreet, quick and easy stick-on solution to prevent the wear out of the shoe sole or to protect the already worn out shoe sole. IDEAL USE: Women’s dress shoes, high heeled stilettos, boots, sandals and flat comfortable shoes. This product is a perfect choice for a busy woman who loves to keep her shoes fresh. 

Women love Scarlet’s Sole Shielders! If you are not satisfied for any reason or have comments/questions, please email us at Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and we’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.

DIRECTIONS TO USE: With Recipe #ScarletRecipe301; it takes 3 basic steps and less than a minute to stick-on the Sole Shielder. STEP 1: Clean & dry shoe sole surface.  STEP 2: Remove adhesive lining from Sole Shielder. STEP 3: Press sole firmly on the shoe

SIZING GUIDE: Sole Shielder has been designed to fit shoe soles of all sizes.

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