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Free Shipping Over $30 USD.

Scarlet On-The-Go Shoe Repair KIT

sarika tyagi


SOLE SHIELDER: With #ScarletRecipe301; it takes 3 basic steps and less than a minute to stick-on the Sole Shielder. STEP 1: Clean & dry shoe sole surface.  STEP 2: Remove adhesive lining from Sole Shielder. STEP 3: Press sole firmly on the shoe

HEEL TIPS LITE: With Recipe #ScarletRecipe201; it takes 2 basic steps and less than a minute to wear these heel tips LITE.

STEP 1: Sit comfortably with your heels on

STEP 2: Slide the heel tip LITE on your heel by holding it at an angle and wriggle it on the shoe heel cap for a snug fit. Press to secure firmly.



SOLE SHIELDER has been designed to fit shoe soles of all sizes.

HEEL TIPS LITE - Refer to the images and follow the steps to measure the length & width of your heel using a scale. Depending on the shape of the heel and the wear on heel tips, one of the two adjacent sizes of Heel Tips LITE will fit perfectly. A tighter fit size is better than a loose fit.

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