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Scarlet Shoe Deodorizer (6 pack)

Get rid of Smelly Shoes, High Heels & Sneakers

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Product Summary

Product Summary: 
  • ELIMINATES ODOR, ABSORBS EXCESS MOISTURE & FRESHENS SHOE: The activated Bamboo charcoal is a highly porous material that acts as a sponge to trap odor particles and absorb excess moisture from the air & purify it. Keeps shoes fresh by preventing mold, mildew & bacteria from growing in them. Helps get rid of stinky feet and smelly shoes.
  • DESIGNED TO BE EFFECTIVE ON ALL SHOE TYPES: Specially designed and sized to fit narrow heels and wide/broad boots & athletic shoes.
  • CHEMICAL-FREE, FRAGRANCE-FREE & NATURAL: No hazardous chemicals or fragrances have been used. Non-toxic, odorless and fragrance free. Great for Gym Bags & Sports Equipment as well.
  • LONG LASTING, RE-USABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Can be re-used for upto 2 years with recommended restoring and can be easily recycled by cutting the bag open and spreading the charcoal in the garden.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Product Performance & Customer Satisfaction guaranteed! For more, visit our website or send us a message on facebook @lovemydressshoe


Directions to Use:

1.Place bag flat all the way into the shoe.  2.Leave bag in overnight.  3.For best results; use daily.  4.Do not wash


1.To Restore, place bags under direct sunlight for 1-2 hours each month.   2.Reuse for upto 2 years with recommended restoring.  3.To Recycle, cut open bag & spread the charcoal in your garden.


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